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Name:Merlin Land-Comm
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C A M E L O T _ L A N D +

Layout &Profile by: mentahelada and ms_bekahrose


merlin_forever / merlin_writers / Missing Merlin @ FB

Camelot_Land is a Land Community based on the BBC's Merlin tv series. The community itself is made up of six sub-communities: Camelot Land - the main community, Camelot Vaults - the archive community, team Arthur, team Gwen, team Merlin and team Morgana - the team communities.
To join a team, simply go to THIS post, and fill out the form. You will be required to list your first and second preferences on the form and depending on how many members there are in each team, the Moderators may ask you to list a third preference as well. We do this in the interest of keeping things fair and not letting any one team in particular build up more members than another.
The mods will try their best to keep a level playing field.
Once you've been assigned a team, you will be sent an invitation to join that team community by one of the Mods or your Team Leader. Once there, you can interact with your fellow teammates, plan things for group challenges, share gifs, make friends, have a laugh. You will also be sent an invitation to the Camelot Vaults, here is the place where you can store all the awesome stuff you create for challenges, like Fic and Art.
We have a bit of a unique tagging system, so be sure to check out each sub-comm's tagging etiquette, and posting etiquette.
And finally, this is not an Adults Only community. Please be mindful of what you post, and if you DO post something that is explicit, please be sure to mark it as such no matter which community you're posting to and include a rating in the header of NC17 or FRAO.
camelot_land // camelot_vaults // team_arthur // team_gwen // team_merlin // team_morgana
M O D S _ & _ L E A D E R S +
agirlnamedtruth / ms_bekahrose
Team Leaders: team Arthur // team Gwen // team Merlin // team Morgana
I M P O R T A N T _ L I N K S +
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